The World Academy for Interdisciplinary Training (W.A.I.T.) was founded by singing, voice & drama coach, speech & breathing therapist, classical & contemporary singer, poet, author, mystic, mother and academic Sigrid E. Agocsi in order to make her holistic methodology (S.A.M. VOICEWORKS) for the effortless coordination and balance of the voice, body, movements and mind available to the lay(wo)man and to the vocational singing-, drama-, voice-, speech- and arts- teacher, therapist, singer, performer, musician and artist, alike.

After having been involved in the development of singers' and actors' careers internationally and teaching lay(wo)men and professionals in master-classes in Europe and America for nearly two decades, Agocsi decided to create an interdisciplinary teaching and research centre for the voice in London.

W.A.I.T. offers a wide range of classes, vocational certificate courses and individual sessions. It also provides a drop-in clinic in Central London (W1 and E2)) for emergency consultations to the music- and film-industry and to everyone with acute voice problems.

W.A.I.T. is networking and involved in research with organisations and academic institutions nationally and worldwide in the fields of education, health, science, media and arts.





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